Roaching is the latest dating trend we all need to watch out for

Are you being roached?

(Image credit: Sarah Shatz)

Are you being roached?

There are terms for everything nowadays and it has got to the point where in order to navigate the modern dating game, you're going to need a millennial dictionary.

There was stashing, submarining, ghosting, haunting, and let's not forget - kitten fishing - something that we've all been victims to. But if you thought that was it, you can think again because there's a new dating term that you need to be very aware of.

Introducing 'roaching' - the latest dating move that we all need to watch out for, usually occurring early on in a relationship.

Roaching - a term coined by AskMen - comes about when a new partner hides the fact that they are sleeping around.

We have all had the new relationship 'talk' - you know, the one where one party tentatively brings up the exclusive chat, and it emerges that the other party has actually been dating multiple people, something that they have either covered up or refuse to apologise for, insisting that there was never any implication of monogamy.

That is roaching.

If you think that's depressing, wait till you hear how the name came about. ‘Roaching’ comes from the theory that when you see a cockroach, there are lots more that you don’t see. Yes, we told you it was disgusting.

We’ll be keeping our eyes out for this dating move!

Jenny Proudfoot
Features Editor

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