Prince Charles' reputation 'damaged' by Netflix show clash, claims royal expert

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Uh oh

Prince Charles' reputation has reportedly been "damaged" by recent royal-led Netflix shows.

The Prince of Wales has been at the centre of storylines in The Crown as well as Diana: In Her Own Words, but one royal expert believes both programmes have not portrayed the 73-year-old royal in the best light.

In the 2017 documentary centred on the late Princess Diana, who was married to Charles for 15 years before they divorced in 1996, it captures Prince William and Harry's mother's struggles being a part of the royal family.

While The Crown, which has run for four seasons since it first aired in 2016, is based on historical events of the royal family over the years, although the show has come under fire its controversial filming tactics.

Daily Mail's Diary Editor, Richard Eden, shared his thoughts on Royal Beat as to why it could be damaging Prince Charles, as well as the monarchy more broadly.

He said: "They broadcast The Crown at the same time as Diana: In Her Own Words, which was a really powerful programme.

"They used this version of her marriage breakdown as a basis for The Crown script.

"People watched it, like my daughter's generation, [and] were just horrified.

"They were like, 'oh Prince Charles is [a] dreadful man isn't he' and it really did damage [his reputation]."

Richard has also noted Diana, In Her Own Words was a collection of private videos not to be made public, which he has hinted may have made matters worse.

He went on: "It was recordings that Diana had made, never dreaming they'd ever be made public but they were."

But Richard is not the only one to think the programmes were not the most complimentary, as the future King of England's friends and courtiers allegedly felt the same.

He continued: "You know, courtiers and friends of Prince Charles talked about how much damage it was doing to the monarchy."

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