Pirate Copies Of Fifty Shades Of Grey Become Major Hit In China

Erotic novel never officially translated in China over censorship fears

Fifty Shades of Grey movie
Fifty Shades of Grey movie
(Image credit: PA)

Erotic novel never officially translated in China over censorship fears

EL James's bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey has become a hit in China, despite the novel never officially being translated in the country over censorship fears. Pirate copies are now available from Chinese e-tailer Taobao, who sell the whole trilogy for only £13.

Over 400 sellers are advertising the copies on the website, which have been printed in the city of Guangzhou from editions which have been smuggled overseas.

A spokesperson for the store told The Telegraph newspaper: 'Not many people know about it yet. There has been no publicity, so it is only a cult book at the moment.

'Most of the feedback we get is that it is very repetitive.'

Chinese social media commentators have given the books mixed reviews, with many labelling it 'tedious'.

One user wrote: 'Who would have thought that such a vulgar novel would be so popular all over the world, even breaking Harry Potter's record?

'I suppose nothing can compete with sex.'



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