The peach emoji has dramatically changed, and we don’t know how we feel about it

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  • It doesn't even look like a bum anymore

    It’s no secret that as a society, we love our emojis: They’re an inherent part of today’s popular culture.

    And thanks to the iOS 10.2 preview, Apple’s new emoji update has got us really excited. We can expect to see a face palm emoji, an avocado (finally!), and a shrugging emoji, meaning that we can better express ourselves through the art of tiny illustrations. They have thought of pretty much everything we need, as there’s even an emoji taking a selfie, so we may see a new most popular emoji as a result.

    Designing emojis is this woman’s actual job, and we can only imagine the fun that’s involved. Jealous much?

    However, there is a tiny catch with the new update. Some of the existing emojis have had a bit of a makeover, and there’s one in particular that’s really concerning us – The peach, aka, the one that we use in place of a bum. The problem? It looks less like a round derrière and more like… Well, an actual round peach.

    What have you done, Apple?

    Naturally, the world is losing it over the loss of the original peach, and took to Twitter to express their remorse.

    Many questioned what this meant for their sexting game.

    Some made the most of the current peach emoji while they still had it.

    And there was even a Trump pun that got thrown into the mix.

    The updated peach is likely down to  Apple’s endeavours to make their emojis more lifelike and realistic. Either way, we bet they didn’t expect this much of an outrage over a simple piece of fruit. It just goes to show how much the world loves its emojis…

    Let’s be honest though, the peach emoji will still mean the same thing to us, even if it looks radically different.

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