Norway killer boasts of two more cells in his terror network

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  • Anders Behring Breivik has boasted that there are two more atcive cells in his terror network, and claims to have been in touch with members of the English Defence League

    Anders Behring Breivik, the self-admitted perpetrator of the recent attacks on Norway, boasted that there are two more cells in his terror network that are still at large.

    Mr Breivik made this claim in court on Monday, where he ‘seemed unaffected by what has happened,’ according to his persecutor Christian Hatlo. His claim has prompted an international investigation.

    ‘We can’t quite rule out that someone else was involved,’ says Halo. ‘This is partly based on the information that there are two other cells.’

    It also recently emerged that Mr Breivik may have extensive links to the English Defence League (EDL), a street protest movement that opposes the spread of Islamic extremism.

    A leading member of the EDL says that Mr Breivik has been in regular contact with its members via Facebook since 2009, describing his effect on them as “hypnotic” and comparing him to Hitler.

    Mr Breivik claims to have met the leaders of the EDL, and have a further 600 members as Facebook friends.

    ‘I was one of the individuals who supplied them with processed ideological material (including rhetorical strategies) in the very beginning,’ Mr Breivik wrote in his manifesto, which was posted online just hours before the attacks.

    He also suggested that one of two English extremists who attended founding meetings of the Knights Templar, a Western Christian military order, in 2002 may have been a member of the EDL. ‘I wonder sometimes if one of the EDL founders was one of the co-founders of PCCTS,’ said Breivik. ‘I guess I’ll never know for sure.’

    ‘He had about 150 EDL on his list… bar one or two doubt the rest of us never met him, altho (sic) he did come over for one of our demo (sic) in 2010… but what he did was wrong,’ says Daryl Hobson, who organises EDL demonstrations.

    On its website, the EDL states that it has no links to Brevik.


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