Women Found To Be Happiest At 35

Study shows it's the age when women begin to feel at ease with themselves

(Image credit: REX)

Study shows it's the age when women begin to feel at ease with themselves

A survey of 4,000 women across Western Europe and the UK found 35 to be the age when they feel happiest.

The research, collected by alcohol brand Baileys Spirited Women campaign, found women began to feel more at ease with themselves at this age.

They also found 40 per cent of older women said they were 'spirited' compared to those under 35.

Older women chose marriage, life experience and family as the main influences in shaping their character, whereas those under 35 cited friends, career prospects and money.

Women were also shown to be busier than ever, juggling 14 different roles in their daily lives, from wife and mother to stylist and socialite.

Single women were most likely to manage these multiple roles, with 91 per cent of them doing this compared to 79 per cent of married women.

Commenting on the findings, cultural historian Tessa Dunlop said: 'In the last 60 years women have seen their roles expand unrecognisably. More money in women's pockets and an increased degree of independence has provided more options. The female character has been revolutionised.'

Were you happiest at 35? Or do you disagree with the findings of the survey? Let us know in the comments below.


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