Noisy sex officially no one’s ‘right’

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  • A noisy British woman has lost her appeal after she was given an Asbo for making loud noises during sex...

    A British woman has lost her appeal against a ban on her noisy sex sessions, after a court heard how her marathon romps that kept neighbours awake sounded like someone being murdered.

    Jobless Caroline Cartwright, 48, was given an Asbo for making ‘unnaturally’ loud noises during sex. But she claimed said she can’t help shouting when making love to hubby Steve – and claimed the Asbo breached her human right to ‘respect for her private life’.

    But a Newcastle crown court judge disagreed, and said the screaming during sex in Washington, Tyne and Wear – which went on ‘virtually every night for hours’ – posed a statutory nuisance and was ‘not involuntary’.

    A 10-minute recording of their sex sessions was played out in court, which also heard how she tried covering her face with a pillow to muffle her cries of passion.

    Neighbours at their home in Washington, south of Newcastle, complained about the noise – as did passers-by and the postman. The couple were banned from ‘shouting, screaming or vocalisation at such a level as to be a statutory nuisance’.

    Judge Jeremy Freedman said: ‘We are in no doubt whatsoever about the level of noise that can be heard in neighbouring properties, in the street and in the back lane. It certainly was intrusive and constituted a statutory nuisance. It was clearly of a very disturbing nature and it was also compounded by the duration – this was not a one-off, it went on for hours at a time.’

    The local council even set up special equipment in O’Connor’s flat and recorded noise levels of between 30 to 40 decibels, peaking at 47 – as loud as a conversation in the very same room.


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