Miss Bimbo website fury

Anger over Miss Bimbo website where girls give dolls boob jobs and diets

Marie Claire news: Miss Bimbo website
Marie Claire news: Miss Bimbo website

Anger over Miss Bimbo website where girls give dolls boob jobs and diets

A new website aimed at girls between 9 and 16 has provoked outrage after parents discovered their little darlings were giving their online characters boob jobs and putting them on diets.

The Miss Bimbo website urges fans (200,000 of them at the last count) to win by creating the 'coolest, richest and most famous bimbo in the world'.

How to achieve this? Feeding her diet pills, giving her facelifts or boob jobs and dressing her up in sexy lingerie.

Girls who join up can do so for free, but are then charged £1.50 to send text messages which buy them Miss Bimbo dollars to spend dressing their online dolls.

'Children's innocence should be protected as far as possible. It depends on the mindset of the child but the danger is that after playing the game some will then aspire to have breast operations and take diet pills,' Bill Hibberd of Parentkind tells The Times.

'The danger is that a nine-year-old girl fails to appreciate the irony and sees the bimbo as a cool role model. Then the game becomes a hazard and a menace.'

However, the Frenchman behind the game, Nicholas Jacquart, says everyone is taking it far too seriously.

'The game is structured in such a way that it simply mirrors real life in a tongue-in-cheek way. It is not a bad influence for young children. They learn to take care of their bimbos. The missions and goals for the bimbos are morally sound and teach children about the real world,' he said.

'If they eat too much chocolate in the game, it is bad for their bimbos' bodies and their happiness levels compared to if they eat fruit and vegetables, which reinforces positive healthy eating messages.

'The breast operations are just one part of the game and we are not encouraging young girls to have them.'

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