Love rats unveiled online

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  • The boyfriend Sally Cornock met online turned out to be seeing 53 other women. Now she has set up a website to expose men and women who cheat

    Sally Cornock, a business director, has set up a new website where men and women can expose lovers who cheat on them or lie.

    Sally, 42, from Deal in Kent, set up the website after a love affair that started online ended badly.

    She had been seeing her boyfriend Tony for three months when he left his mobile phone at home. They had just returned from their first holiday together.

    Tony was always secretive about his mobile, and Sally couldn’t resist the temptation to check his texts.

    She discovered text after text planning dates with other women and flirting. By the time she had finished going through them, Sally estimated that Tony was seeing 53 other women.

    She rang each of the women and told them that Tony was a cheat, then deleted all of their numbers, before throwing his possessions out in the street, reports the Sun.

    But further bad experiences persuaded her that what was needed was a website, where wronged lovers could post up details of love rats.

    ‘Looking back I’ve lost track of how many men I’ve met who were just outright liars or fantasists,’ she told the Sun.

    One, who claimed to be a businessman, turned out to be a ‘homeless conman‘ who divided his time between three different women’s homes.

    ‘There were numerous men who lied about being single when, surprise surprise, they were really still married,’ she said.

    Her website, went live in January. It is free to join but people with a love rat to expose pay £1.50 to post their story. Sally plans to launch a search service, so that people who meet someone online can check if they are genuine.


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