14 Items That Prove You’re Officially An Adult

How grown up are you?


How grown up are you?

How many of these *totally grown up* items do you own?

A candle worth more than £30 Only when you’re an adult can you truly appreciate the importance of a great room scent. Plus you can put all kinds of crap in the pretty jars when they’re all burnt out. So, it’s a long-term investment. Not at all like setting fire to a £50 note.

Wall art Maybe it’s a posh print, maybe it’s a vintage film poster. But it sure as hell isn’t a faded Gareth Gates / Steven Gateley / H from Steps shrine.

Good china Or at least better china. An acknowledgement that not all drinks need to be consumed from a free Sports Direct mug.

Guest towels For all the guests that come round to wash themselves in your bathroom. Because people do that, now you’re an adult.

A wine decanter In your new grown up life, not all wine is made by Echo Falls and served straight into plastic cups when you take it out of the corner shop bag.

A mattress topper Holy comfort. You never even knew what one of these was or how much you needed one in your bed, until you became an actual adult and daily life got so stressful. You’ve probably treated yourself to some nice bedding with a high thread count, too, haven’t you?

A stationary drawer Maybe it contains nice pens or quality papers. Maybe it contains ‘spare’ greeting cards, or a sophisticated birthdays and addresses book. But you now fully understand Monica Geller’s ribbon drawer.

A medicine box With all the pills inside, maybe arranged according to illness, or alphabetised.

A vase Gone are the days when you’d just put your half-dead flowers in a pint glass. You now display blooms so regularly that you have designated vessels for the job.

Serving dishes For all the Instagram-worthy dinner parties that you now throw, for all of your equally grown up friends.

Tupperware By the case load. Because re-heating leftovers is actually really easy to do and eating toast or Pot Noodles for dinner is a thing of the past for you now.

Coupons You are now consciously thrifty. No supermarket will ever outfox you again in the toilet paper / orange squash / tea bags aisles.

A tool kit Because you’re basically your dad now, aren’t you?