Is this the most unromantic proposal ever? One thousand times, yes

Hey there, Casanova

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Hey there, Casanova

Look, you don’t need to whisk your beloved to the top of the Eiffel Tower and have fireworks spell ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ while twenty white doves are released, to have a special and romantic proposal. However, if you are going to pop the question, we don’t suggest doing it with a spreadsheet and budgets factored in the event of divorce.

Unfortunately, one 24-year-old reddit user who goes by the name of marrymonay experienced what is quite possibly the least romantic marriage proposal of all time - and naturally, it has gone viral.

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Posting on the site, she said: ‘He walks in the door from work and tells me about how his friend got married at city hall today, so he started looking into some things.’

OK, not the most mind blowing of beginnings, but has the potential to develop into something quite cute.

But no.

‘He sets his laptop out on the table and shows me the spreadsheet he made about how much additional income us getting married would bring in for him, and explained that there was really no risk involved in case of divorce because we could just sign prenups.’

Yes you’re right, he really is getting at what you think he’s getting at.

‘And he was like “so, do you want to go get married? We can do it literally anytime at the city hall.”

‘And then I realized what he was actually asking. I asked him if he was asking me to marry him and he said yes - and I told him no, and so it ensued from there.’

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If this was us, we’d assume it was one of those moments that you see on TV when everyone is pretending to be totally nonchalant and indifferent about something because there’s actually an amazing surprise on the way.

But alas, no.

The user went on to emphasise that she wasn’t expecting a grand gesture, just not to have the words ‘divorce’ and ‘prenup’, and a spreadsheet involved.

‘Hopefully I can find a way to explain to him that he made me feel like he just wants the extra money each month, not a real marriage.’

We wish them luck in all their romantic endeavours. Sigh.

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