EU plans to welcome back Ireland if the UK breaks up

It all depends on what Northern Ireland want

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It all depends on what Northern Ireland want

As if Brexit wasn't heartbreaking enough, now the UK may be breaking up, too.

With Scotland wanting independence from us England, the nation is awaiting what's going to happen next in Brexit and what it's going to mean for us as a nation.

It seems as if EU leaders are now planning to unify and welcome Ireland back post-Brexit and keep them inside the European Union.

27 EU members are meeting in Brussels to find out if they all endorse the idea. If Northern Ireland is taken out of the UK, then it'll be able to rejoin the bloc after Brexit is finalised in March 2019.

However, the majority of Ireland would need to vote in favour of reunification and a recent poll showed that 22% of Northern Ireland polltakers backed the idea of a united Ireland and 62% wanted to stay in the UK.

But, considering that 55.8% of people in Northern Ireland wanted to stay within the European Union during the Brexit vote, this could mean a happy ending for some.

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