You can stop your iPhone auotcorrecting to ‘ducking’ by using the text replacement feature

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  • iPhones have come a long, long way since 2007. The newest member of the Apple pack has a camera that absolutely everybody is raving about, and it even includes a pet portrait mode (because the perfect shots of the dog are really important, okay?).

    But if there is one thing that’s irked us about the iPhone since it’s creation twelve years ago it’s the fact that it autocorrects one particular swear word to ‘ducking’ every. Single. Time.

    Not only does this dull the impact of the chosen profanity, how often do people really use the word ‘ducking’ unless they’re pro boxers? Or constantly messaging their friends about avoiding flying objects aimed in their direction?

    However, if you’re desperate to put the ‘f” back next to ‘ucking’, there’s a very simple way of stopping your iPhone from autocorrecting to ‘ducking’.

    Back in 2017, a tweet explained how to do it – but it’s gaining traction again because some people missed it the first time around.

    ‘This may honestly be the smartest idea I’ve ever had,’ user @messily tweeted.

    Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

    By changing the shortcut to ‘ducking’, it’ll automatically autocorrect to the word you were initially going for.

    Hurrah for that.

    And it works for absolutely any shortcut you want/need on your phone. ‘Omw’ can automatically update to ‘on my way’. ‘Nm’ can become ‘never mind’ instantly. And it’s an amazing way to write out your in-jokes without having to type the whole thing out.

    So there you go – you learn something new everyday.

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