How To Make Your iPhone Faster In Three Easy-Peasy Steps

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    Chances are you’re only too well-acquainted with the dreaded moment your iPhone comes to a grinding halt, decides to stop working and forces you to restart it – no doubt in the middle of some very important Insta–stalking, too. But thanks to iPhone enthusiast Marc Forrest, it looks like that may be a thing of the past, as he’s just discovered a trick to make your iPhone faster, without having to restart it.

    In short, #winning.

    While there’s no noticeable difference on the surface, this clever hack works to clear the phone’s storage, thus giving you a faster device.
    Here are 3 easy steps to a faster iPhone:
    1. Unlock your iPhone – that means the display will be lit, and either the home screen or an app can be showing, but not the lock screen.
    2. Hold down the power button until the ‘Slide To Power Off’ option appears on the device’s display.
    3. Release the power button, and hold down the home button for roughly five seconds.
    And just like that, the iPhone’s memory, or RAM, is refreshed. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t delete anything – rather it resets the phone’s working memory, stopping background applications that could be slowing down your advice.

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    The handy trick comes courtesy of Apple fan Marc Forrest, who posted the brilliant hack on his blog and Twitter (link to this) and after doing a number of tests, Forrest revealed that ‘it helps speed the phone up, a LOT!’

    He even posted screenshots of the noticeable difference in RAM usage before and after using the trick –



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