Family hiring a Harry Potter themed tutor - and the perks are impressive

We thought we were Harry Potter superfans

harry potter stamps
(Image credit: Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Words by Maisie Bovingdon 

The obsession over the Harry Potter franchise knows no bounds, as one family are on the hunt for a 'real life Professor Snape' to educate their little one.

A couple's child is the ultimate super fan, and to help him get a better understanding of science the parents are looking for a Harry Potter inspired tutor to break down the subject with wizard-like references to make studying educational, yet fun and engaging.

But there are some unusual requirements. According to the advert, which was posted on tutoring agency Tutor House the successful candidate will need to be dressed in costume, while carrying out the sessions - and props are also welcome.

The job description suggested: 'dressing as Professor Snape whilst teaching him chemistry in "Potions" lessons, Professor Sprout whilst teaching biology through "Herbology", and as Professor Hooch whilst teaching him about physics in "Flying lessons".

'There will need to be 100 per cent effort into the lessons ... wands, quills and other wizarding student accessories [are welcome].'

The tutor is required to teach the unnamed 11-year-old student for one hour a week, have a minimum of four years' experience in teaching or tutoring in science specifically, and know a Gryffindor from a Slytherin.

The parents have requested to have a trial shift with their child ahead of booking in further tutoring lessons.

And there are MAJOR perks to the role, with the family offering a whopping £75 an hour.

Tutors will be able to apply for the position through the Tutor House website.

Alex Dyer, the founder of Tutor House, has acknowledged the bizarre request. He said: 'We have hundreds of requests through the site a day and this is definitely not a normal one we’d see. As a Harry Potter lover, it made me very happy to see these parents creating an engaging environment so their son can have fun at his own Hogwarts whilst still learning.'

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