Haggling could save you hundreds

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  • Over three-quarters of Britons are too shy to haggle for a better price on the high street, wasting £8billion a year

    Despite feeling the pinch, just 24% of people in the UK are prepared to bargain for a better price when shopping on the high street, with 21% of these admitting it’s because they’re too shy.

    A survey conducted by the free online shopping tool, InvisibleHand, found that shoppers who quibble over prices saved around £12 each time they bartered – that’s an average of £220 a year. But 22% of people don’t believe haggling is worth it and 30% worry it will be frowned upon.

    Founder of InvisibleHand, Robin Landy, says: ‘As a result Brits are losing out and paying far more than they need to for the things they buy.

    ‘If you’re too embarrassed to haggle then shopping online is the best way to ensure you are not paying over the odds as you can hunt around for a better deal.’

    Interestingly, it is men who are more bullish in their haggling ways with 34% prepared to fight for a better price compared to just 15% of women.

    In these trying times, haggling could save you hundreds, but how do you embrace the battle of the bargain? Experts believe it comes down to how much the company needs your business.

    Bob Atkinson from Travelsupermarket.com says: ‘Some travel agents have a flexible pricing approach. This means they will have a certain number of holidays a week, so if they have undersold that week there may be a chance to get a discount package.’

    The same approach can be used for utilities and phone contracts says Tim Wolfenden of Uswitch.com. ‘If you are coming to the end of your contract, it is worth suggesting that you are considering leaving. Then suggest things like more minutes or extra texts that would keep you with that provider.’

    So why not give it a try next time you’re shopping for a bargain and see how much you could save.


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