New gender equality emojis are coming to Google


Information Desk Person sassy girl emoji meaning
Information Desk Person sassy girl emoji


Emojis are without a doubt one of the biggest ways we communicate - frankly, we're addicted. But have you ever thought that the female versions out there can be a bit... Meh?

For example, the male emojis are out there being police officers or detectives, while the female emojis are busy getting their hair and nails done. Something's not quite right there, but fortunately that's all set to change.

In May, we reported the important reason Google wants to introduce more female emoji, and now it's finally happening (hooray!). On their official blog yesterday, they unveiled 11 brand new, working professional emojis. The range includes everything from doctors, coders, chefs, welders and mechanics, all in a variety of different skin tones. As well as this, male and female versions of 33 of the existing emojis will also be added. Great news, right?

via Google

We're big fans of changing up the stereotypes when it comes to working women, and these famous females killing it in tech. Google themselves are also really keen that more girls get involved with careers that were once considered jobs for men.

'The emojis representing women aren't exactly, well, representative', Google's post said yesterday, 'So we've been working to make things better. These new emoji are one of several efforts we're making to better represent women in technology, and to connect girls with the education and resources they need to pursue careers in STEM.

'One such effort is Made with Code, which helps girls pursue and express their passions using computer science. Ahead of World Emoji Day this weekend, Made with Code is releasing a new project that teaches coding skills through the creation of emoji-inspired stickers.'

One small step for emoji, one giant leap for gender equality...

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