The Black in Fashion Council has set up a road map for real change in the industry

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The Black In Fashion Council, which was launched in July 'to represent and secure the advancement of black individuals in the fashion and beauty industry' has set out a plan of action to effectively create change.

The initiative, dubbed #ChangeFashion, comprises a roadmap and resources for racial equity within the industry, and was founded by model and activist Joan Smalls, the Black In Fashion Council, Color of Change and IMG's Fashion Businesses.

It is split into four recommendations: Divest from the police (by hiring independent security services where possible and giving less power to the police), Black representation & portrayals (elevate Black creatives, the Black communities which influence fashion, and representing nuanced and authentic portrayals of Black people on runways, and in editorial or branded content).

Invest in black talent & careers (to elevate all Black talent in the industry, support Black businesses and creatives, and ensure a fair and inclusive work environment) and Invest in black communities (to support Black communities in the cities in which it operates, and to support Black businesses that have been excluded from the industry).

In a statement, the initiative said, 'The goal of #ChangeFashion is to chart a course for industry change, and partner with executives, influencers and talent across the industry to make change a reality. It is a collaboration between those working for change on the inside of the industry, such as the Black in Fashion Council, and a powerful force for racial justice advocacy on the outside: Color Of Change. Fighting racism is not merely the trend of the season. It’s an ethos that can and must transform the fashion world as we know it, and make fashion a positive force for good—for everyone.'

Penny Goldstone

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