This Story Highlights Why We Need To Talk About Domestic Violence Against Men, Too

Matt Myles has spoken out about experiencing domestic violence - and he makes a very important point.


Matt Myles has spoken out about experiencing domestic violence - and he makes a very important point.

You know how we go on, and on, and on (and on) about feminism? How we ramble and rant about why it's so important, how we should never shut up about it and why it benefits everybody? Well this is one example that underlines all of the above.

Because feminism doesn't just benefit women. It benefits men as well.

By establishing gender equality, then women will be able to behave however they want to behave without being accused of not being 'feminine' enough. And guys will be able to talk about whatever they need to talk about, without being told they need to 'man up'.

Which is something Lottery winner Matt Myles knows all too well.

The 28 year old recently experienced domestic abuse at the hands of his now-ex girlfriend, Carla Chamberlain, who has since been found guilty of common assault and criminal damage.

Describing that period of his life as 'the worst thing that ever happened' to him, Matt explains that Carla assaulted him after learning that he was receiving Snapchat messages from another woman.

‘The attack left me feeling vulnerable and knocked my confidence,' he said. 'I served for five years in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers but this left me feeling totally powerless.’

'Domestic violence against men is still very much taboo or perceived as a joke but it’s no laughing matter for the victim.'

Recent figures suggest that a third of people who experience domestic violence are men - although it's not specified how many of those are assaulted at the hands of female partners. And either way, Mark Brooks, chairman of the ManKind Initiative, believes we have a long way to go before male victims are able to open up about their experiences without being judged.

'Domestic abuse against men remains one of Britain’s last great taboos,' he explains. 'Many men won’t get help because they fear they won’t be believed or they’ll be laughed at. In reality when they do come forward they are taken seriously.'

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