Cuddlr: The Sex-Free Alternative To Tinder. What?

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  • New App, Cuddlr, does what it says on the tin and offers people the chance to indulge in a spot of stranger-cuddling...

    How often have you walked down the street and wanted to cuddle random strangers? Not often, we’ll bet, but just in case the urge takes you, there’s now an app to satisfy your needs.

    Cuddlr, the PG version of Tinder and Grindr, is offering total strangers the opportunity to hook up for a hug – nothing more, mind you. Try to go any further and you might get reported for ‘inappropriate cuddling’.

    A location-based app, Cuddlr allows you to contact people in your area, but they must reply within 15 minutes to let you know that they are also hug-deprived. Your choice is based only on the person’s name, picture and, obviously, cuddle rating. Then you meet, have a little snuggle (in a public place, creator Charlie Williams suggests) and then go your separate ways.

    You can hook up for a second cuddle, if your cuddler (cuddlee?) is really good at this sort of stuff, but Williams insists this app isn’t about sex, so don’t expect to meet a future mate here. Age and gender have even been removed to hit the point home.

    Williams told The Independent: ‘On Cuddlr, you get together straight away, have a little cuddle, and then part ways. If you want to hang out again, you can exchange information then and there – but you already know what kind of cuddles they give. Users can give information about their cuddling preferences such as if they favour being the little or big spoon. At times you may want to ask someone about having a coffee or learning to knit. Wait until the end of the cuddle, then ask politely.’

    Got that? No chatting about your coffee preferences or knitting ambitions during cuddles. Find out more at

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