One specific mindful hobby has jumped in sales by 1000% as people self isolate

Here’s everything to know…

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Here’s everything to know…

Coronavirus has changed life as we know it. And with the current global diagnosed case rate at 392,399, extreme measures are being taken.

The UK is being put on lockdown. Schools are closing, exams are being cancelled, music festivals are being postponed and everyone is being encouraged to socially distance themselves and spend more time in their homes.

It’s hardly surprising therefore that people are panic ordering fun activities to do in the house, looking up innovative recipes and googling ways to relieve corona-crisis anxiety.

Mindful hobbies, from yoga to meditation, are making a comeback, with one particular craze making a huge comeback.

The hobby in question? Colouring.

Yes, the art of sitting down with a book and your crayons is back, with colouring book sales reportedly jumping by 995% on Amazon.

‘Colouring-in could be considered an act of everyday little-c creativity, in much the same way as gardening or gourmet cooking,’ Dr Tamlin Conner explained in a past study in the Creative Research Journal. ‘With its low risk and accessibility, we feel comfortable adding colouring-in to the growing list of creative activities for improving mental health outcomes.’

There's no need to tell us twice. If you'll excuse us we're off to Amazon to stock up.

Jenny Proudfoot
Features Editor

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