You Seriously Won't Believe What The Voice Of 'Hey Arnold' Looks Like Now (Hint: He's REALLY Hot)

Like, really, really, really hot.

Lane Toran Instagram
Lane Toran Instagram

Like, really, really, really hot.

Remember Hey Arnold? That squeaky-voiced little kid of a character who you used to watch on TV? Yeah, well, he's not so squeaky-voiced any more. Now the voice behind Arnold has grown into a man - a beautiful, bearded man.

Behold Lane's elegant man bun, artfully dishevelled beard and sharp white shirt - who knew Arnold would end up being such a babe?

And he didn't just play Arnold - he was also the voice of King Bob on Recess, and he's even appeared in shows like Nashville, Malcolm in the Middle and 101 Dalmations: The Series since his childhood success.

Lane's Instagram is a pleasingly aesthetic collection of photos of

his tattoos, various hairstyles and melancholy expression - and we hit

'follow' right away.

Since the news of who he really is surfaced on the Internet, Lane has understandably been inundated with compliments and comments, and he took to his Instagram to write: 'Thank you Thank you Thank you. I really appreciate all the love. & thank you to @buzzfeed for the article. I know I don't talk about 'Hey Arnold' on here so some of you that have been following me for a while might not know, but I did voice 'Arnold' for all of season 1 (until my voice changed). It's crazy to be a part of something that's still talked about and watched 20 years later. And 100k?? Again, thank you.'

You are welcome, Lane, you are welcome.

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