Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Having The Most Instagram-Worthy Holiday Ever


Taylor Swift Adam Wiles.jpg
Taylor Swift Adam Wiles.jpg


While everyone else in the world was on their way to work, Hollywood's hottest couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris posted some truly lovely pics of their stunning first holiday together. Thanks guys.

Sharing the pictures on their Instagram feeds the couple, who recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, seemed to be in absolute bliss as they got themselves some winter sun in an undisclosed tropical location. Sigh.

Source: Instagram.com/TaylorSwift

Frolicking on a private beach, indulging in some water sports, and jumping on a water trampoline are all activities they were filling their Tuesday with. Captioning the video, Taylor wrote, 'That time when we finally took a vacation. @calvinharris'. 

Turns out this is the first time #Talvin have been on holiday together, with Taylor previously committed to her 1989 World Tour and Calvin jetsetting around the world in his DJ day job. Hard life, isn't it? 

Taylor even gave the ultimate Hollywood sign of a couple in love - she did the foot pop. Yup, between that and the Love Story singer writing their initials in the sand, it's been the most picture-perfect holiday we think we've ever seen. Wondering who the hell Adam Wiles is? Of course, it's Calvin Harris' real name (who knew?)

Calvin even got in on the action, posting his own photos of the couples' retreat, but seeming slightly preoccupied with capturing Taylor's, ahem, bikini wardrobe rather than the surf.

Source: Instagram.com/CalvinHarris

The holiday brings the couple's anniversary celebrations to an end, after they celebrated earlier in March 2016 with a low-key date at home, with Calvin snapchatting a picture of their anniversary cake.

The DJ even gifted T-Swizzle with her very own gold locket, inscribed with the date when they first got together, which Taylor happily posted on her social media.

No word yet on when the couple are due back from the vay-cay, or how many more gloriously beautiful holiday pics we'll have to put up with in the coming days. 

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