SJP's surrogate is 'tattoed, bisexual rocker'

Revealed: Woman who is carrying Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate twins is 'tattoed bisexual'

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Sarah Jessica Parker LP - Celebrity News - Marie Claire
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Revealed: Woman who is carrying Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate twins is 'tattoed bisexual'

The woman chosen by Sarah Jessica Parker to be the surrogate of her twin girls has been revealed as a 'tattoed, bisexual rocker'.

US reports claim Michelle Ross is the woman chosen by SJP and her hubby Matthew Broderick to carry their twins.

But the 26-year-old, who describes herself as bisexual and has previously been a surrogate for an NY gay couple, has been criticised for not paying enough attention to her own son.

Michelle's ex-husband Joseph Erker told America's Star magazine: 'Michelle has kids for other people, but she hardly ever sees her own son.'

The former couple divorced in 2006, and Joseph left with their 4-year-old son Brayden.

Michelle had been pregnant before, but lost the baby after suffering with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a disorder where the immune system attacks the nerves.

Joseph says that although Michelle 'found a dark side' after recovering from the disease, but says she acts as a surrogate for the right reasons, adding: 'She said she wanted to become a surrogate to help people who couldn't have children of their own.'

But she reveals elements of her 'dark side' on her MySpace page, Star claims.

'I have had pink hair and tattoos and spiked collars,' she wrote on the social networking website.

'My favourite shoes are five-inch black spike heels which lace up the front.

'I love metal and rock down to the bones.'

Michelle – who has refused to confirm she is acting as SJP's surrogate - has a tattoo on one of her wrists of an overlapped pink and blue triangle, a symbol for bisexuality.

But, despite this, she is allegedly fulfilling SJP's dreams of providing siblings for the Sex and the City star and Matthew's 6-year-old son, James.

'They feel that these babies are a blessing. A miracle,' a source told the mag.




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