Prince Harry wore a poppy pin on his hat for a very special reason

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Remembrance Day service on Sunday

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Remembrance Day service on Sunday

Words by Nicole Cherruault

Last Sunday, as we all joined together in commemorating the thousands who lost their lives to World War I and other such global conflicts, the royal family were not exempt in showing solidarity for this day of mourning. Appearing at the Cenotaph war memorial, they stood together adorned in formal wear and the symbolic artificial red poppy, that has been a signifier of this day of remembrance since 1921.

Unlike the rest of his family, however - who championed the red flower badge on their coat’s lapel - Prince Harry was seen to have his pinned to the side of his hat, above his left ear.

According to recent royal sources, the reason for this is rooted in his work for the Royal Marines. Since serving as the Captain General of the regiment - a role that was once occupied by his grandfather Prince Philip – his poppy was required to be positioned on his cap behind the cap badge in order to adhere to Royal Marine rules.

Nonetheless, where military dress was not required, such as the Festival of Remembrance celebration at the Royal Albert Hall that took place last weekend, the Prince has been seen to have also carried the flower on his coat.

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