Prince Charles will shed light on an 'untold story' in new TV series

We can't wait

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Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Prince Charles is set to appear in a new two part series, which will delve into the royal family business - the Duchy of Cornwall.

The ITV programme, which has provisionally been titled Inside The Duchy, will celebrate the Prince Of Wales' 50th year as the Duchy, which is the revenue from the 70-year-old royal's estate that is used to 'fund the public, private and charitable activities of The Duke and his children', the official Duchy of Cornwall site explains.

The highly-anticipated series will give viewers an insight into how the Duchy works, how it generates and spends the £20 million a year income, as well as the team working behind the scenes.

Prince William and Prince Harry's father gave film crew full access for a year so the programme will capture all the goings on - and we think it's a must watch.

The 120-minute show will see interviews conducted with Prince Charles, as well as staff and tenants at the estate, and there may even be a cameo from his children, especially Prince William who has attended meetings with his dad.

storyteller prince charles

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock
(Image credit: Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock)

Inside The Duchy is set to air two one-hour episodes in the autumn of this year, although a set release date has yet to be confirmed.

Speaking about the upcoming mini-series, a spokesperson for ITV told The Telegraph: '[It will highlight] the way The Duchy is run to reflect his belief that economic development works best when in harmony with the natural world and local communities.

'It will offer an unprecedented insight into The Duchy of Cornwall, which covers more than 130,000 acres across 23 counties, touching coast, countryside and city.

'This unique 700 year old institution is both an ancient Royal estate, providing the personal income for every Duke of Cornwall since 1337, and a forward-thinking 21st century business, generating an income of over £20 million per year for The Prince, his family and his charitable organisations.'

The executive producer of the production, Bill Lyons, has insisted it is 'rare' for the 'untold story' to be shared.

He added: 'It’s rare to have access to an untold story but that’s exactly what we discovered in the Duchy of Cornwall.'

Bring it on!

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