Pregnant Amanda Holden left 'shaken' after car accident

Amanda and her unborn baby have a lucky escape following car crash

Amanda Holden (LL)
Amanda Holden (LL)
(Image credit: REX Features)

Amanda and her unborn baby have a lucky escape following car crash

Pregnant Amanda Holden was taken to hospital yesterday afternoon after her car was involved in an accident with a lorry.

Amanda was en route to pick her five-year-old daughter Lexi from school when her car collided with a lorry. She was taken to hospital by another driver and treated for cuts and bruises.

The Britain's Got Talent judge, who is three months pregnant, was told by doctors that her baby is 'fine' - a huge relief no doubt to Amanda who has previously suffered two miscarriages.

A source told the Sun: 'She was terrified the impact and the shock could have harmed her unborn child and left her third miscarriage in 18 months.

'She knew she had to get to hospital as soon as possible. She feels she's had an incredibly lucky escape.'

Amanda, 40, was understandably 'shaken' after the accident and pulled out of her performance as Princess Fiona in the West End musical Shrek - but she hopes to return to the stage tonight.

Her spokesman said: ‘Amanda was shaken and very concerned following the accident for her baby’s well-being. However, a Good Samaritan took her to hospital and both she and the baby are fine.

‘At the moment, she just feels hugely relieved.’