PICS! Kate Middleton’s last-minute royal wedding rehearsal

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  • The bride-to-be attended not one, but two royal run thoroughs – at Clarence House and Westminster Abbey

    With the Royal Wedding a matter of hours away, bride-to-be Kate Middleton has been a busy bee.

    Far from sitting back relaxing, the soon to be princess been dashing through a series of royal wedding rehearsals, including a run-through with clerics at Clarence House, and one at Westminster Abbey.


    Beaming from the back seat of a four-by-four, a surprisingly relaxed looking William and Kate swept up to the official wedding venue last night.

    Prince Harry was also pictured arriving at the rehearsal, along with Kate’s close family.

    It’s thought the couple walked through every step of the ceremony during the last-minute practice run, including their vows, in which they will promise to ‘love, comfort, honour and keep.’

    Reports suggest the pair then returned to Prince William’s rooms at Clarence House, where they spent their last night together.

    And today, Kate was spied leaving William’s London base, dressed down in dark jeans, a nude tee and a light cream jacket.

    Kate Middleton Wedding Rehearsal photos, Kate Middleton Holding Dress Bag

    Earlier today, Royal expert Tom Bradbury – who conducted William and Kate’s first interview, and will also attend the ceremony tomorrow – spoke of how the royal couple are dealing with their nerves, ahead of their big day.

    ‘I think there has been a really concerted attempt to block it out and just concentrate on their marriage,’ he told Daybreak.

    ‘The church is going to be full of many, many people, a lot of whom they’ve never met, and they just want to think about themselves and what it means to them.’

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    Speaking of Willam’s realationship with Kate, Tom spoke of how William has tried to shield his bride-to-be from the media spotlight.

    ‘I have really been struck over the last 10 years about how determined he has been to protect,’ he said.

    ‘He looked at his mother and what happened to her and it didn’t take a genius to draw the lessons that he’s obviously drawn from it – which is he doesn’t want that sort of chaos in his life.

    ‘He’s tried to effectively create this iron wall around his friends and his girlfriend. You kind of worry for them that this is the moment the world gets let in.’

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    Meanwhile, many of Kate and William’s royal wedding guests – including David and Victoria Beckham – have been spotted arriving in London ahead of the big day.

    Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding tomorrow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.



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