Naomi Campbell was an hour late for her Loose Women interview


Naomi Campbell


Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Naomi Campbell has been in the modelling industry for almost thirty years. She is one of the original supermodels, a true style icon and in her heyday she was famous for being late wherever she went.

But it seems that Naomi is still living up to her tardy reputation following an interview with Loose Women this week.

The 47 year-old was an hour late to her chat with the daytime panel, leaving host Ruth Langsford telling those watching that Naomi had been held up in notoriously bad London traffic.

Alas, she made it eventually and went on to admit that her hectic schedule had left her feeling less than her best.

'I've lost my voice,' she said. 'I've been drinking hot water... I haven't [got the flu].

'I think it's just lack of sleep. I've been working. When it's night time here and everyone's gone to bed I'm like, okay, let's start in LA, in New York. '

naomi campbell

Although she didn't address her lateness in this interview, Naomi previously admitted: 'My lateness was terrible, and I'll admit that, but I never would actually come in with a story of why I was late.

'But I'd get there, and I'd get the job done. I never believed in giving an excuse - I'm not going to lie.'

However, eager to prove to the Loose Women that her tardiness wasn't due to idleness, she revealed just how hard she works.

'This morning I went to bed at 5.30 and had to get up at 6.30... and then it was time to go,' she sighed.

Makes getting up half an hour early to go to the gym before work seem like child's play.

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