Experts reveal what Melania Trump's signature is trying to tell us

Well this is very interesting...

Donald Trump body language

Well this is very interesting...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Since becoming the President of the United States, the world has been watching Donald Trump's every move. But as well as focusing on his official White House business, everyone has been fascinated by his relationship with Melania.

They have been together for eighteen years (and married for twelve of those), but many have been keeping a close eye on the pair following Donald's inauguration - wondering what their body language really means, attempting to decipher why they never hold hands in public, and gasping at allegations that he made Melania agree to a pre-baby body 'contract'.

So when Melania's signature was analysed by a handwriting expert, the results were very interesting.

The First Lady's signature began circulating the web when Pamela Anderson sent her a faux-fur coat, and Melania responded with a thank you note. Pamela then shared a picture of the note on Twitter, unaware that the image would then be closely scrutinised.

But eagle-eyed users noticed that the similarities between Melania and Donald's signatures is uncanny. Is it a coincidence? Did one copy the other? Or is it a conscious effort to be consistent the Trump brand?

According to handwriting expert Sheila Kurtz, it's the latter.

She told Yahoo: 'Hers looks just like his, which is absolutely amazing.

'This is stylised. Maybe they brought someone in to show her how to do it or [it's] a stamp, but it is definitely stylised.'

Kurtz also believes that the writing offers insight into Melania's personality, claiming that her scrawl suggests she is highly intelligent and mysterious.

'When someone writes, and you can't really read what they're writing, they don't want you to read them at all.

'The first [letter], where it goes up into a point, that's pretty sharp and direct and gets right to it. The downstrokes - those two lines in her last name - those are very sharp... [Melania is] a sharp thinker, a fast thinker, and picks up information quickly.'

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