Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interior designer is reportedly being sued

Interior decorator to the rich and famous, Vicky Charles, has come under some serious fire for her work at Frogmore Cottage...

Frogmore Cottage
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Interior decorator to the rich and famous, Vicky Charles, has come under some serious fire for her work at Frogmore Cottage...

Words by Olivia Gavoyannis

Over the past couple of months, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced their fair share of criticism. From the private jet controversy to the baby shower backlash, the royal couple have been ridiculed for everything from their environmental impact to their lavish lifestyle

But now it’s their interior designer that has come under fire – for reportedly prioritising the royals over her non-royal customers.

According to People, Andrea Olshan, owner of Manhattan-based real estate firm Olshan Properties, is suing interior designer Vicky Charles for nearly a quarter of a million dollars for allegedly prioritising the royals at Olshan's expense.

Frogmore Cottage

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Vicky Charles (the mastermind behind Soho Farmhouse's rustic charm) was hired by the royal couple to turn their The Grade II-listed Frogmore Cottage into their dream home – a project that was completed last June at an estimated cost of £2.4 million to taxpayers. The refurb reportedly converted five different apartments into one big modern home, which – according to sources - now boasts a yoga studio with a special floor, grand fireplaces and ‘an elaborate Gone With The Wind-style double staircase’.

According to court documents obtained by People, Olshan says that she hired Charles for three projects, and that the designer neglected them in order to work on Harry and Meghan's home. More specifically, she claims that Charles 'walked off' the projects in order to 'work for more "A-List" clients such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.' The combined fee for Charles’s design services on the three projects was reportedly estimated at $545,000 in the court documents.

According to People, this is not the first time that Charles has worked for the rich and famous, with the outlet reporting that Charles (of Charles & Co. Design) has previously worked for "A-List" clients like David and Victoria Beckham, George and Amal Clooney, and Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Well, that’s that then.

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