So, Lana Del Rey’s Not A Fan Of Feminism, Then

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  • The singer says she's more interested in intergalactic possibilities.

    In a recent interview with The Fader magazine, Lana Del Rey admitted to a rather controversial opinion on the topic of feminism.

    ‘For me, the issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept,” she says. “I’m more interested in, you know, SpaceX and Tesla, what’s going to happen with our intergalactic possibilities. Whenever people bring up feminism, I’m like, god. I’m just not really that interested.’

    When prompted for her definition of what a feminist is, she responded, ‘My idea of a true feminist is a woman who feels free enough to do whatever she wants.’

    For a pop star these days, deciding which side of the proverbial ‘feminism fence’ to be on can be a difficult choice and in the last few months, we’ve seen quite a few other young, influential woman take a stance against the cause. Actress Shailene Woodley admitted she wouldn’t label herself as a feminist to Entertainment Weekly Radio:

    ‘Embrace my point of view even if it’s different from your point of view, but see that our end goal is the same … Labels are for other people to understand us, so for me, I know how I feel and I don’t need to call myself a ‘feminist’ or ‘not a feminist’ because I know what my truth is. If you need in your own mind to say that I’m a feminist so you better understand where I’m coming from and what my ideals mean, then that’s for you.’

    Ok, we see her point. But Del Rey has also been under scrutiny for her new album, entitled Ultraviolence. A lot of the lyrics are said to have misogynistic undertones and her videos promote domestic violence. Her defence? ‘I like a little hardcore love.’ This doesn’t sound too good, Lana. 

    In her essay, The Meaning of Lana Del Rey, French academic Charlotte Vigier explains, ‘She is representing and speaking to a contradiction facing thousands of young women today, women who have followed mainstream society’s prescriptions for success in what has been called a post-feminist world, but who find that real liberation and genuine satisfaction elude them.’

    What do you think of Lana’s recent remarks about feminism? Tell us your own opinion in the comments box below…

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