Kate Winslet has a logical explanation for cutting a guy’s ear off

Sorry, what?!

kate winslet

Sorry, what?!

Words - Jonathan Borge

From the editors of Instyle US

Before she became Hollywood royalty and won an Oscar, Kate Winslet had a backup plan in case her acting career didn’t pan out.

On Tuesday, the star stopped by The Tonight Show to dish on her new film, The Mountain Between Us, and explain why before taking on roles like Titanic, she tried her hand at beauty.

'When I was younger I thought to myself if I don’t end up making it as an actress or even getting a job ever, I’d quite like to be a hairdresser. I started by cutting my own hair,' she told host Jimmy Fallon.

The story was sweet and simple—Kate first cut her own locks—until it turned. 'But then, alarmingly, a family friend, who was a fully grown man, ladies and gentlemen, allowed me to cut his hair and I cut off a piece of his ear,' she said.

That’s right. Kate Winslet once cut off a guy’s ear.

We’re going to let you have this moment to absorb that bit of news.

'I actually saw it fall! It was a little nick. It wasn’t like a chunk,' she said. 'It was really upsetting.' Apparently, Winslet kept in touch with her friend, Mick, and said he didn’t totally mind, calling it his 'claim to fame.'

'He’s proud of his little bit of missing ear.'

By the way, she says you can’t tell it’s missing.

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