Kate Middleton could inherit Princess Diana’s official title in the future

We're a little emotional about it TBH.

While Princess Diana may no longer be with us, the royal family have made sure her legacy lives on through her sons’ charity work, in the wedding flowers carried by Meghan Markle and even in the little style tributes to Diana that Kate and Meghan make on a daily basis. Well, it turns out that Kate Middleton could make a more significant connection to her late mother-in-law – as she could inherit Princess Diana’s title.

According to The Sun, Kate Middleton could become the next Princess of Wales down the line when Queen Elizabeth passes away. Seeing as Prince Charles would become king and his former title as Prince of Wales would pass onto Prince William, Kate would then have the choice to adopt the title famously connected to Diana.

kate middleton new title

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Although Camilla is well within her rights to take on the title Princess of Wales, she instead publicly goes by another title: the Duchess of Cornwall. It’s easy to see why she chose not to pick up the mantle of Princess when she married Charles, out of respect for the late royal.

kate middleton new title


The title hasn’t been used since Diana Spencer assumed the role in 1981, when she married Prince Charles.

As for Harry and Meghan though? It’s unlikely their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to change when the Queen passes, as they’re much further down the food chain and have all their little nieces and nephews to contend with (especially if Wills and Kate keep adding to their brood).

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