Why royal fans are furious about Prince William's latest Instagram post

Oh dear.

Prince William
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Oh dear.

This weekend, the royals celebrated Father's Day and shared some lovely pictures with their followers on Instagram. It's Prince Harry's first Father's Day, and the Sussex Royal account uploaded a sweet photo of Archie - the first picture that properly shows off his adorable little face. The baby sussex photo went viral and everyone was excited to get their first proper glimpse of the little royal.

The Kensington Royal account shared a photo of Prince William with one-year-old son, Prince Louis, on a swing, alongside a photo of William with his father, Prince Charles. It was simply captioned: 'Happy Father's Day!' and got almost 500,000 likes.

However, not everyone was pleased with the snaps - and some royal fans were furious about the selection of images.

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Why? Because William's other two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, weren't included in the photos. There was also discontent over the fact that William's father was featured in the post, but Kate Middleton's father Michael wasn't.

Yes, really. It irked a lot of people that Prince Louis was the only Cambridge child to make the final cut.

However, some people argued that the fact Michael Middleton didn't get a spot in the upload was because he's not a member of the royal family, and he likes to maintain a level of privacy. Totally understandable.

Others thought that the photos were a beautiful Father's Day tribute and shared the love on Instagram.

What do you think - a storm in a teacup, or should all three Cambridge kids be included in the pictures?

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