Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beast wage will make your eyes water

Nope. We're not at all jealous.

Nope. We're not at all jealous.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Payday might feel like a distant dream to us mere mortals. As you peel the last few soggy spinach leaves from the bottom of the salad bag to make your sad-looking lunch, Adele is making an an outrageous amount of money while touring and Barack and Michelle Obama are writing books in exchange for a cool £48 million.

But they're not the only ones raking it in at the moment. Emma Watson nabbed the lead role in the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast, and it has now been revealed just how much money she'll walk away with.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emma is getting an advance of $3 million (£2.4million) for playing Belle. But it doesn't stop there. If the movie becomes a box office hit as it's expected to, she can expect a final fee of around $15 million (£12 million).

The film will have to gross approximately $759 million worldwide in order for her to secure her bonus, and considering it has been predicted to take about a fifth of that in it's first weekend alone, it's looking likely that she'll get it.

Since the initial trailers were teased a year ago, there has been an overwhelming amount of themed merchandise available, from this sell-out Primark item to beauty products.

So she's probably not that fussed about the fact she turned down La La Land after all.

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