Diane Lane Interview

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  • Diane Lane reunites with Richard Gere for a third time for romantic drama Nights in Rodanthe. Set in North Carolina, she plays Adrienne, a mother-of-two in a crumbling marriage whose life takes a U-turn when she encounters Gere's handsome doctor.

    Q: This is your third film with Richard Gere. What makes you so comfortable with him?

    A: We’d like an explanation for that too! We keep trying to screw it up! Third time lucky – I just feel like we finally got it right. Making The Cotton Club was challenging, and making Unfaithful was exhausting and not particularly rewarding for us, as far as the themes and emotions we go through. So this was our nice one!

    Q: We haven’t seen you on screen for a while. Why not?

    A: I had to take this year off. That’s the way I negotiate with my family. My kids are around 15 now – they want me to be working. That’s when I know I have to be home! It’s nice to have a pause to parent and to be more present at home, teaching them how to drive cars and navigate boys and all this sort of thing.

    Q: Your husband, Josh Brolin, is about to play George Bush in Oliver Stone’s W. How weird was that?

    A: Well, I got to witness a lot of the transformation, because he had to lose a lot of weight. And he would come home very raw from all the prosthetics he was wearing.

    Q: You recently talked about quitting. Do you still feel that way?

    A: You never know. I always live rope to rope in the jungle. I never know if there’s going to be another one. And I never know if there’s a net either – if you will be forgiven. I feel like I’m the most forgiven actress I can think of, probably because of this short memory people have! It’s flying by the seat of your pants. Some people see some movies, and some people don’t see other movies. It is showbusiness, not ‘show-love’ or ‘show-fair’ or ‘show-friend’. Business is where it’s at, and the bottom line is, ‘How many people see your movies?’ Sometimes the best ones are the least seen – and vice versa. You might think, ‘There’s no justice or mercy’ and yet there’s a lot of it. I can certainly vouch for walking humbly with my God, because I don’t have any business still being here. But I am.

    Q: Do you still have roles you want to play?

    A: I just want to be Angelica Huston in The Grifters.

    Nights in Rodanthe opens on October 10th.

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