Caroline Flack Speaks Out About Body Image

TV presenter says women in the media are pressured to lose weight

Caroline Flack
Caroline Flack
(Image credit: PA)

TV presenter says women in the media are pressured to lose weight

TV presenter Caroline Flack has spoken out about body image, saying women in the media are pressured into losing weight.

In an interview with OK Magazine, the Xtra Factor star said body image has become too important when compared to the careers of high-profile women.

She said: 'The pressure is there, it's how you deal with it that's important – 85 per cent of what people say about you is generally what you look like.

'I'd much rather be known for what I do than what I look like. But that's what people do, it's normal.'

She added she ignores coverage of herself in the media. 'I think that's just part of what people do and part of being a female in the media. One day it's: "Doesn't she look thin", then the next day: "She's put on weight".

'It upsets me more when I see it done to other people. You just have to understand that's what the media does.'

Flack also cited her experience attempting a fad 'juicing' diet, saying she felt 'constantly hungry' and instead showing a healthier approach to food.

'Diets play with your mind rather than your body, so if I'm doing a diet, I think about food more than if I'm just eating normally. The best advice is to exercise, then you can eat what you want!' she added.

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