Caroline Flack’s One Direction abuse: why it’s setting a terrible example for young girls

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  • Caroline Flack was the subject of some shocking abuse by a One Direction fanzine this week. What kind of message is this sending to young girls?

    Caroline Flack might be wishing she had never bothered dating One Direction’s Harry Styles. For a shortlived relationship with the teenager she has found herself on the receiving end of death threats and now some particularly vicious abuse by fanzine, Girl’s Guide to One Direction.

    Published by Topix Media Lab LLC, the magazine features an article called: Go Away! Flack, foul mistress. It refers to her as ‘grandmother Caroline’, and talks about her ‘crows feet’, ‘straw-like ‘do’ which resembles the ‘floor of a petting zoo’ and highlights how she’s not engaged because ‘no-one wants to be with her’.

    Since when did it become acceptable to slate women in this way? What appears to be most striking about this story is how the target audience of the magazine is teenage girls. How can we teach the younger generation to respect each other when their ‘idols’ are telling them otherwise?

    This magazine has basically told its teenage readership that it’s ok to bully a woman about her appearance and that anyone over 30 is old and therefore unnattractive.

    Shame on them.

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