Accusations fly over true cause of Brittany Murphy’s death

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  • Brittany Murphy's family in turmoil as leaked report shows huge stash of prescription drugs seized from tragic star's home

    Brittany Murphy‘s family asked for peace and privacy following her tragic death last weekend, but they are getting anything but.


    With a leaked report already doing the rounds in Hollywood – which shows that a huge stash of prescription drugs have been seized from the star’s home – accusations are flying about just who, or what, is to blame for the reported heart attack that killed her.

    Her half-brother, Jeff Bertolotti, was one of the first to speak out, accusing Brittany’s husband, Simon Monjack, for not taking enough care of her, and Hollywood for not protecting its stars, telling reporters: ‘People come with their dreams and get chewed up alive and those that make it get chewed up alive anyway. That’s what happened to Brittany.’

    Monjack himself, however, insists: ‘She found love. We found love.’

    The 39-year-old screenwriter has seen his private life picked apart over the past few days, with bankruptcy claims, a previous marriage and even the extent of his writing skills, all called into question.

    In the leaked dossier, the investigator notes: ‘A check of the nightstands revealed large amounts of prescription medication in the decedent’s name. Also noted were numerous empty prescription medication bottles in the husband’s name, the mother’s name and third party names.’

    A toxicology report will not be available for some weeks, however her family has already pointed to the ‘flu-like’ symptoms Brittany was suffering from in the days before she died as an explanation for the medications she was taking.

    ‘There was nothing here that could endanger her; there was prescription medication in the house for her female time and some cough syrup,’ Monjack told People magazine. ‘That was it.’

    He also said he was as eager to hear the results of the full investigation as everyone else.

    ‘This is what’s killing all of us. How did it happen? Her mum, myself and her family – we want to know why we lost our baby.’


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