British couple arrested in Dubai over beach sex

British couple arrested in Dubai for beach sex

Marie Claire News: Michelle Palmer
Marie Claire News: Michelle Palmer

British couple arrested in Dubai for beach sex

A British man and woman are facing jail sentences in Dubai after being caught having sex on a beach.

Instead of being charged for indecent exposure, in Dubai the crime is having sex outside of marriage.

Thirty-year-old publishing assistant Michelle Palmer and a visiting British man were caught in a clinch and arrested, following an afternoon of drinking. The couple met at a party while the man was staying with one of Miss Palmer's colleagues from Middle Eastern publishing company ITP.

There has been a recent crackdown on 'indecent' sunbathing and public kissing in Dubai as part of a wider campaign in The United Arab Emirates.

The couple in question have now hastily got married in a civil ceremony, hoping to reduce any possible jail sentence, as sex outside of marriage is illegal in Dubai.

Miss Palmer faces further possible charges of indecent behaviour in public, being drunk in public and assaulting a police officer.

It is alleged that the couple were first caught and let off with a caution, but returned to their shenanigans in the exact same position and were subsequently arrested.

Miss Palmer commented: 'We are in so much trouble and my family and everybody are affected. Until someone is in this situation they could never know what it's like. It's bad - it's so, so bad.'

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