We can all learn a lot from Billie Eilish’s criticism of cancel culture

‘The cooler things you get to do, the more people hate you. It’s crazy.’
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  • Billie Eilish cleaned up over award season, making history by taking home five Grammy awards in January, and taking to the stage to accept a BRIT award just last night. She also performed her new track, the James Bond theme tune, ‘No Time To Die’.

    It is safe to say that Billie Eilish is on top of her game, and you would think that she would feel happier and more loved than ever.

    Well, you would be wrong.

    Opening up yesterday in a candid interview, Billie explained how the internet is ruining her life, warning of the dangers of cancel culture.

    And given the recent focus on what can happen if we’re not kind to each other, we all need to take note of Billie’s words.

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    ‘I stopped reading comments because it was ruining my life,’ the singer explained of why she is stepping away from the internet for her mental health. ‘It’s weird, the cooler things you get to do, the more people hate you. It’s crazy.’

    She continued: ‘Cancel culture is crazy. The internet is just a bunch of trolls. A problem is that a lot of it is really funny. I think that’s the issue, I think that’s why nobody really stops.

    ‘Also, I would say that it’s anything for a joke. You’d say anything to make people laugh. I’ve experienced that. Growing up, I’d say things that people would laugh at and then later I’d realise that wasn’t cool to say.

    ‘It’s worse, it’s way worse than it’s ever been. It’s insane that I’ve even been reading comments up until this point. I should have stopped long ago. The problem is that I’ve wanted to stay in touch with the fans and keep talking to them, but people have ruined that for me.

    ‘The internet is ruining my life so I stay off.’

    Cancel culture is getting worryingly out of hand, and if we take anything from Billie Eilish’s powerful words, let it be an understanding of that.

    We need to end toxic cancel culture together.

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