Could bee pollen be the answer to our PMS?

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    Between the bloating and raging hormones, PMS: that not-so subtle monthly reminder that our period is on its way, is irritating at best, and unbearable at worst. But if new research is anything to go by, there could finally be a cure.

    A non-prescription supplement called Serenol, which is made with bee pollen (yes, bee pollen) as well as vitamin-rich royal jelly and chromium picolinate hit the market last summer and comes with the promise of reducing the symptoms of PMS.

    It’s not clear exactly how Serenol works, but it’s website suggests it has the ability to up your serotonin levels, thereby helping control your mood.

    It’s effectiveness is backed by a study dating back to 2002, when the drug was tested in Sweden under the name of Femal on 29 women who found it helped reduce bloating and irritability.

    While often short-term studies incur patients experiencing placebo effects, the author notes ‘I had a patient today who said, ‘This saved my life.’ How long can a placebo do something like that?’

    A woman who sampled the pills for The Cut said that after two weeks of taking the supplements twice a day ‘I started feeling notably more stable, and the sense of calm has persisted.’

    But, before the rave reviews have you running to the pharmacy, we have to break it to you that the supplement isn’t yet FDA approved. Darn.

    It could be some time before it’s readily available in the UK, though we’re already buzzing at the thought that there may finally be a cure for PMS.

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