What Would A Marge Simpson Makeup Line Look Like?

A new Mac Cosmetics collection based on Marge Simpson? Yes, please.

If Marge Simpson’s iconic blue beyhive tells us anything, it’s that she’s not afraid to take a beauty risk. So excuse us if we’re more than a little excited by the news that the Simpsons’ cartoon matriarch is getting her very own makeup line.

According to WWD, MAC Cosmetics is releasing a new collection in honour of the upcoming 25th anniversary of The Simpsons. Unfortunately, we don’t have many details on the launch yet – but we do know that it will be inspired by ‘everyone’s favourite blue-haired beehived beauty.’ 
Throughout the cartoon’s two-and-a-half decades, Mummy Marge has let her bold hair colour take centre stage. In fact, it seems she doesn’t wear any makeup at all, other than a swipe of black mascara. So, the people at MAC will have to get a little creative with their products. Though we’re guessing they’ll have no problem incorporating Marge’s signature shades: blue, red and green.

We can’t wait to give the collection a test run — and to see Marge get the glamour girl treatment. Homie won’t know what hit him…
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