Are you treating your hair properly? Haircare just got personal

Promotional feature with System Professional

There’s no denying the fact that great hair can make us look and feel fabulous. But achieving it when you don’t have a daily hair salon appointment is another matter entirely...

We think it’s fair to say that for most women, hair is a definitive part of our individual style.

From choppy bangs to sleek bobs, tight curls to beachy waves, our tresses are a major part of who we are – so it’s no surprise that we’re always on the look out for the very best products to keep our locks in check. And (like finding the perfect potions to keep our faces plumped and fresh) when it comes to discovering dream haircare: the struggle is very real.

Until now.

Like skin, your hair has all kinds of needs that can’t be treated with just one blanket product, which is why those clever people at System Professional have devised an ingenious way to create a haircare system that’s as unique as you are. Yes, really.

No more spending an entire pay check on the latest faddy products, only to have them cluttering up your #shelfie six months later. No more bad hair days. Amen.

How does it work? Read on.

Discover personalised haircare

The revolutionary System Professional EnergyCode™ mapping session is like having a personal hairdresser at your disposal. It can pinpoint exactly how you want your hair to feel and look and create a tailor-made system designed just for you, which will transform your daily haircare regime.

How does it work?

The step-by-step EnergyCode™ system takes in to consideration your hair’s elasticity, fibre health and responsiveness, based on a quick and easy questionnaire. By answering questions such as ‘Is your scalp dry or sensitive?’ or ‘How often do you colour your hair?’, you create your own individual Energy Profile. This in turn gives you your unique EnergyCode™.

This code corresponds to a collection of highly innovative hair products designed especially to suit your hair type. Now your shampoo, conditioner, treatment, styler and finishing products will all work in unison to give you hair that’s visibly healthier and beautifully responsive to styling and colour.

And with over 262 million mix-and-match combinations available, you’re guaranteed a personalised set of haircare heroes that’ll 100% elevate your #hairgoals.

The celebrity verdict

And don’t just take our word for it.

Poppy Delevingne (she of the fabulous blonde waves) became a global ambassador for the System Professional EnergyCode™ campaign after witnessing the change in her hair whilst using products from her individual EnergyCode™ S1 + R3 + L4 + R6.

‘I love that I am not categorised by my hair colour and texture any more. I am not blonde or wavy or highlighted… I am just Poppy, and these are the products that best suit my hair’s needs! The results were immediate, I could feel my hair become almost instantly re-energised, like it hadn’t been in years. System Professional has finally helped me tame the beast!’

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