This is why you should never shake your nail varnish bottles

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  • It could be ruining your manicure

    When you’re about to paint your nails, you no doubt give the bottle of polish a little shake to wake the formula up and coat the brush. It’s normal, right?

    Well, according to nail art expert Simcha Whitehill (aka @misspopnails), it could be completely ruining your mani. Turns out doing so can make even the best nail polish look totally crap.

    Shaking the bottle ‘traps the air inside, which creates those tiny pockets [of air],’ she said in an interview with Allure. ‘Bubbles can also form when you shove the brush back into the bottle, so never pump the brush in and out the neck.’

    The air bubbles can sometimes transfer onto your nails, which means that the polish chips much more easily. And there’s nothing more annoying than chipping your freshly painted mani just a couple of days in.

    The solution? Roll your bottle of nail varnish between your hands, rather than shaking it, to coat the brush: ‘like you’re rolling out playdough,’ Whitehill advises.

    That’s the last time we shake our nail varnish like it’s a bottle of ketchup, then.

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