In news that will surprise no one, it turns out men are more vain than women

We definitely could have predicted that one…

ZOOLANDER, Ben Stiller
ZOOLANDER, Ben Stiller
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We definitely could have predicted that one…

Women are commonly assumed to be the vainer sex, lumped with the stereotype since time began, but according to new research men care more about their appearances than we do.

Yes, we’re serious. And delighted. And vindicated.

We’ve all been there – in front of the mirror mid-pamper, boyfriend hovering by the front door, shouting up ‘we’re going to be late because you’re taking ages getting ready’, following up with comments like ‘it doesn’t matter what you look like’ and ‘why do you care so much?’

While it’s true that hair straightening, contouring and achieving the perfect eye flick takes time, men are just as guilty of grooming, investing even more time in their appearance than women according to this new survey.

In fact, the research carried out by Chapman University has revealed that the standard modern man spends on average six minutes more time obsessing over his physical appearance than his female partner. That’s right - men spend more time showering, shaving (that one’s quite obvious really) and even picking out their outfits.

Yes, you read that correctly. Men spend an average of 13 minutes picking out their outfits each day compared to just 10 for women - with one in three guys even admitting to texting a friend to consult on wardrobe choices before a night out. Ha! So much for ‘you think too much about your appearance, babe!’

And it doesn’t stop there. Men not only spend more time managing their looks, they generally care more about their appearance too according to the survey, viewing it as a key indicator of their happiness.

The female case studies ranked satisfaction with a romantic partner and financial success as the most important factors of happiness, placing physical appearance in third place. Men however saw appearance as paramount - only ranking financial satisfaction above it.

Gone are the days when men would just roll out of bed, hop in the shower and walk out of the door – now with the male grooming market evolving at a staggering pace, our partners genuinely gaze at their reflection more than us.

Jenny Proudfoot
Features Editor

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