5 Ways to Battle The 'Winter Face' (AKA How To Get Your Glow Back This January)

Puffy post-party face, be gone!

Roxie Nafousi
Roxie Nafousi

Puffy post-party face, be gone!

One of the things that I really hate about winter is my Winter Face. I feel gaunt, puffy and my skin completely loses any of the glow I had managed to acquire over the summer. I suffer really badly from facial puffiness, also know as ‘facial edema’ and this becomes especially bad around the festive season when I tend to drink more than usual and my healthy regime is thrown out the window and replaced with binging and mince pies. It ends up really knocking my confidence, especially as it’s not something I can hide with a baggy jumper! So, I have spent a lot of time trying to find ways to keep the swelling at bay and give my skin a boost of radiance during the darker winter days and I wanted to share my top five tips with all of you.

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1. Hydrate

I know you probably hear it time and time again but I could not write about ways to improve your skin and reduce puffiness and swelling without including this. No matter what else you do, if your skin is not hydrated by consuming enough water throughout the day then you will not see the results you desire. One reason for this is that water retention - something I know many women suffer from (especially around your time of the month) - can only be reduced by drinking more water. While this might sound counterintuitive, one of the reasons we get puffy and swollen is because our cells are dehydrated so they end up holding onto more water. So, by making sure we are fully hydrated our body will flush out more (and flush out our toxins with it) and you will see significant changes within days. I aim to drink 2-3 litres a day by keeping a bottle of water with me at all times and sipping continually throughout the day. 2. Facial Tapping and Massages

I recently discovered the benefits of 'facial tapping' and I am totally in love with it. It only requires a few minutes of your time a day and costs absolutely nothing – bonus!

Facial tapping is done by using two fingers on each hand and literally tapping your face in the following areas: under the eye, side of the eye, the temple along the brows, the chin and the top of the cheek bones to the bridge of the nose. Do this for about 5-10 minutes. Once you’ve done this, find the hollow of your cheek bone (where it meets your jaw bone) and massage this point in a circular motions for about 30 seconds to a minute.

These two facial exercises increase circulation and blood flow - giving you a glowing complexion - and activate lymphatic drainage (which reduces swelling by encouraging the elimination of toxins). It also works to reduce tension in the face and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety when done regularly.

I also bought a Sarah Chapman Facialift device (£25 from Space NK) which is based on the same techniques and I use it while I’m watching TV before bed!

3. Get A Mask

While I love the idea of going for facials, they can be an expensive habit, so I make sure that I give myself mini facials at home regularly to keep my skin glowing. My three most important winter products are: Exfoliating Masks to get rid of all your dead skin cells, Hydrating Masks to counteract how dry your skin can become from all the indoor heating and a super hydrating Day Moisturiser to battle the cold weather. Here are my favourites:

Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub

Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme Anti-Ageing Mask

This mask is SO hydrating – I leave a light layer on overnight and my skin feels baby soft by morning!

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Stockist: feelunique.com

4. Sweat It Out We are all told constantly about the benefits of exercise for our fitness levels, to tone our bodies and the fact it's a fantastic stress buster. But exercise is also an amazing way to help give our skin a new lease of life. This is because exercise increases blood flow and circulation so all our skin cells are getting a new boost of oxygen. So, when you hear about those amazing ‘oxygen facials’, all you really need to do it get down to the gym, get your heart rate going, sweat out some toxins and voilà… Say hello to glowing, regenerated skin!

Want some motivation to exercise this winter?

5. Cheat With Primer

Truth be told, I never understood why people used primer; I figured it all got covered when you applied your foundation so it was just a pointless purchase. How wrong I was! My make up artist, Buster Knight, has since shown me the benefits of primer and now I never apply my make-up without it. There are many primers out there, but for a radiant complexion you should find one that has a slight shimmer to it. I put a generous layer on before applying my foundation, or I sometimes mix it together with my foundation and apply it together. It gives your skin an instant boost of youthful radiance and is such a quick and easy way to battle that winter face!

My favourites are:

Tom Ford’s Complexion Enhancing Primer

Nars Illuminate in Orgasm

Stockist: feelunique.com Once you’ve completed your make-up then use a highlighting powder on the top of the cheek bones, down the center of the nose, under the eyebrows and on your cupids bow to really complete your glowing, radiant look.

Wishing you all a very happy new year, and I hope you all enjoy your new glowing skin!

Lots of Love, Roxie

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