#RunwayToReality: The PPQ Modern Beehive

Fall for the PPQ A/W16 Runway Look? Here's How To Make It Work For You...

Fall for the PPQ A/W16 Runway Look? Here's How To Make It Work For You...

Polished, texture, silhouette and lifted roots were the words being being thrown around backstage at PPQ to describe the style TIGI European Session Director Maria Kovacs had created using Catwalk by TIGI. The finished product was indeed all of the above, bridging the gap between retro and modern in one voluminous knot.

“The thing that stuck out to me when I saw the fun colours and all the fluffy mohair in the collection was the 60s aesthetic. We wanted to create a look that was a little more lived in and slightly younger by leaving a little ponytail at the back and giving it lots of movement.” - Maria Kovacs

While some runway looks need a whole lot of watering down to translate to real life, team MC kind of loved this look as was so we stayed pretty faithful to Maria’s version in our Runway to Reality video, only making the bouffant bit a little less, well, bouffant. Liner by Liz Martins using Phyllis Cohen’s Face Lace and Model’s Own optional (but in our opinion this look comes to life with the addition of a healthy line of black)…

Get The Look in Five Steps:

1) Prep either wet or dry hair with a texturising spray (like Catwalk by Tigi Bodyifying Spray) from roots to ends, blow drying back off the face and smoothing with a brush.

2) Section a portion hair from the temple (we use the high point of brows as a reference of where to start), running fingers up to meet at the highest point of your crown.

3) Grab rollers or a tong and work your way through the top section, focussing on adding volume to the root. Either pin or hold until cool then spritz with a soft hairspray that allows a brush to run through it like Catwalk by Tigi Work It Hairspray.

4) Backcomb hair for volume, building it to a height you feel comfortable with!

5) Twist the top section, tucking it under and into the roll before securing with kirby grips.

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