Yes, Body Contouring Is Now A Thing…

The latest contouring trend will mesmerise you – and then, potentially, make you despair

Body Contouring T.
Body Contouring T.

The latest contouring trend will mesmerise you – and then, potentially, make you despair

As if bronzer and highlighter wasn’t enough already, now one make-up artist has pushed contouring to new extremes with a full-body contouring tutorial that’s become an Insta hit.

That’s right, if you thought Kylie Jenner’s ear contouring was crazy enough, things have just got a whole lot weirder thanks to a 15-second Instagram video of make-up artist Jose Martinez working some head-to-toe make-up wizardy on model Lauren York, using up a hella-lot of make-up in the process. (Note to self, extreme contouring isn’t cheap…)

The video, which was posted on @fashionvideo.s and has gained more than 41,000 likes so far, shows York’s face and body sculpted and slimmed down thanks to strategic stripes and strokes.

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Starting with her face, Martinez shades and highlights his model, narrowing her nose, amping up cheekbones and filling out her lips. He then paints and buffs her neck, arms, chest and stomach, slimming her shoulders, making her boobs appear bigger and adding highlighter to make her collarbones more, well, bony actually.

He even paints on abs to create the illusion of a six-pack, proving all those hours we’ve spent in the gym could have been ditched were it just for an industrial supply of foundation and a vat of concealer.

WATCH: How To Contour

If you’re feeling totally inspired, you can watch the full three-minute body-contouring video at - though you’ll have to pay to register.

There’s no denying there’s a whole lot of skill involved in this, but we have a feeling it won’t be catching on. For one thing, it would be impossible to wear white clothes, like, ever again. Secondly, who has the time? You’d need to set your alarm at least two hours earlier (so definitely not a look to recreate on the top deck of the bus when you’re running late for work).

Ultimately, it’s so OTT, it might just be the thing that kick-starts a trend for more natural-looking beauty – not least because we’ve surely run out of things to contour by now…

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